Brian Eno - "Glitch"

Brian Eno Drums Between The Bells

Ambient mastermind and veteran producer/singer/songwriter Brian Eno is already putting out his follow up to last year's acclaimed Small Craft On A Milk Sea. Unlike the mostly slow moving, ambient jams of its predecessor, his forthcoming collection of songs, Drums Between The Bells, is a completely contrastive genre if first single “Glitch” is any indication.

Recorded and created with poet Rick Holland, who provides the words for the album, Drums Between The Bells has been in the works for over seven years now. “Glitch” explores the distorted electronica genre as it stands background to Holland's heavily computerized spoken word poetry. Check out “Glitch below;” Drums Between The Bells drops July 5 via Warp.

Brian Eno with Rick Holland - "Glitch"