Bright Eyes - "Singularity" / "In The Real World"


If you didn't receive your Conor Oberst fix from hearing Bright Eyes' latest, The People's Key, as it has been live streaming for over a week, there are two non-album cuts that were available on an exclusive I Want It All: Everything And Extras set. For those of us who weren't able to obtain it, Saddle Creek has now released the tracks digitally, available for purchase at their website. Though Oberst and co do indulge in synths and even hints of electro pop on People's Key, it's nowhere as prominent as on “Singularity,” a dazed out electro jam that would have fit well on the record. “In The Real World” pertains to the band's usual indie rock motif, Oberst's vocals a definite highlight.

[Tracks removed by request]

Both do not sound like B-sides or of any lesser quality than those on the LP, kind of makes you wish they had included them. The People's Key comes out properly on the 15th, get “Singularity” and “In The Real World” at Saddle Creek.