Broken Bells - "Holding On For Life" (VW's Baio remix)

The Vampire Weekend bassist remixes Broken Bells' Bee Gees homage, "Hanging On To Life."
Broken Bells After The Disco

We should've seen this coming - Broken Bells have been churning out remixes in advance of After the Disco, and Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio seems to be dropping edits and mixes left and right after wrapping up touring with his day job, so, surprising no one, here's Baio's remix of "Holding On For Life." It's a great, catchy listen that you'll have to keep in retainer on your summer playlist - we love how Baio pitch-shifts James Mercer's vocals and layers them over an atmospheric, sweeping backdrop. Check it out - and remember, you can grab After the Disco in a record store starting tomorrow, February 4.