Broken Bells - "Holding On For Life" (YYY's Nick Zinner remix)

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist turns up the bass.
Broken Bells After The Disco

From what we've heard so far from Broken Bells' After the Disco, we're expecting a slew of remixes after the record's release - those slick synth sounds, "Stayin' Alive"-y vocals, and deep bass backbeats just beg to be revised into new edits - and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner is getting a jumpstart on the crowd with this take on lead single "Holding On For Life" that amps up the bass throb to eleven. Put it on the next time you have a party - though it starts with a little acoustic guitar strumming that might have the dance floor confused, they'll get it soon enough. Check it out - remember, After the Disco is out February 4, so start downloading some DJ software.