Broken Social Scene Share Unreleased "Golden Facelift"

Plus, hear none other than Fucked Up's 17-minute Italian opera.
broadsheet year in review

The Canadian newspaper The Globe & Mail has teamed up with the record label Arts & Crafts and the Canadian Opera Company to bring us a year-end round-up of songs inspired by current events, appropriately titled Broadsheet Music: A Year in Review. You can stream the whole record below, but we're primarily interested in two contributions - Broken Social Scene'sForgiveness Rock Record outtake "Golden Facelift," which addresses the 2014 theme "reclamation and human accountability," and Fucked Up's 17-minute Italian opera (yes, you read that phrase correctly) "Voce Rubata," surrounding "the misleading illusions of liberty and the voice." Both are fascinating, unsettling listens. You can stream the whole record below or download it for free via Arts & Crafts' SoundCloud.