REC'D: Burial & Four Tet - "Nova"


Though he’s fresh off his highly acclaimed Kindred EP, artstep pioneer Burial is back with his frequent collaborator Four Tet for, if not another dual release, at the very least an epic six-minute co-produced track called “Nova,” which sounds nothing like the PBS show’s theme music.

It’s definitely gorgeous, though – we love that sexy, underwater bass wobble and those sweeping, planar synth drones, as well as the pitchshifted vocal line that sneaks throughout the track. The end product sits nicely on the border between ambient tape drones and good old-fashioned UK artstep, though it never falls into either of those genres’ most common pitfall: sounding redundant. Crank it up in headphones. We’ll be the first to tell you if Burial and Four Tet announce another collaborative release.