Captain Murphy, Earl Sweatshirt, DOOM & Thundercat - "Between Villains"

Here’s another excellent addition to Adult Swim’s Singles Program...
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Here's another excellent addition to Adult Swim's Singles Program, "Between Villains" from Captain Murphy (Flying Lotus's alter ego) with some help from Earl Sweatshirt, DOOM's nom-de-guerre Viktor Vaughn, and Thundercat. The end product is probably the eeriest rap song you'll hear all day, with all the guys getting weird and introspective over a hyper-minimalist, twinkling-piano beat that sounds like the soundtrack to the first minutes of an old horror film. The end product's a very dark film-noir of a track, and we're hearing from the bad guys. Check it out - you can download from Adult Swim on Monday, but you'll want to listen all weekend, too.