Cass McCombs and Karen Black - "Brighter!"

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Y'all know who Cass McCombs is, but if you're not sure about Karen Black, take some of the best advice I will ever give you - sit yourself down and watch John Schlesinger's 1975 film The Day of the Locust. Karen plays Faye Greener, a conniving aspiring actress who functions as the story's femme fatale. She passed away in August of this year of cancer, so hearing her sing on her frequent collaborator McCombs' new track "Brighter!" about the greener grass on the other side is pretty eerie, but beautiful too - over some very Cass-y Americana guitar, her voice does gorgeous acrobatics, culminating in "brighter housewife - I hope you all die." Check it out - McCombs' new record Big Wheel and Others is out October 15.