Check Out: Charli XCX + Brooke Candy - "Cloud Aura"


Charli XCX is putting out a new mixtape called, um, Super Ultra Mixtape on November 7th, and her first teaser is this Brooke Candy-featuring heartbroken goth-pop cut, "Cloud Aura." You probably know Brooke from her appearance in Grimes'"Genesis" video (she's the one in the braids and the armor) but unless you've sampled her very-Tumblrable clip for "Das Me" you probably haven't heard her rap. What better occasion than this one - she and Charli trade off biting, pop-culturally informed soundbytes about a no-good ex-lover over a beat that's halfway between club banger and a Purity Ring track. You'll either love this or hate it, and we kinda love it? Check it out.