Check Out: Ava Luna - "Billz"

One of our favorite undersung New York bands is back with an LP in 2015.
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ava luna

New York's Ava Luna remains the best band I've ever seen by accident, at CMJ 2010 at the since-shuttered Public Assembly (RIP). While I waited to see someone else, all eight of them assembled on the tiny stage in the back room and proceeded to break out some punk-y funk that blew my mind. They've kept that streak up, moving away from the wild skronk of tunes like "Clips" and toward woozy, stylized R&B. They'll release an LP in 2015 called Infinite House, and here's our first taste, "Billz," which obviously carries a kind of Destiny's Child reference - frontman Carlos Hernandez belting out, "Your love ain't gonna pay my bills" while his band harmonizes with vocals and guitars in the background. Check it out - Infinite House is out April 14th.