Check Out: Ava Luna - "Billz"

One of our favorite undersung New York bands is back with an LP in 2015.
ava luna

New York's Ava Luna remains the best band I've ever seen by accident, at CMJ 2010 at the since-shuttered Public Assembly (RIP). While I waited to see someone else, all eight of them assembled on the tiny stage in the back room and proceeded to break out some punk-y funk that blew my mind. They've kept that streak up, moving away from the wild skronk of tunes like "Clips" and toward woozy, stylized R&B. They'll release an LP in 2015 called Infinite House, and here's our first taste, "Billz," which obviously carries a kind of Destiny's Child reference - frontman Carlos Hernandez belting out, "Your love ain't gonna pay my bills" while his band harmonizes with vocals and guitars in the background. Check it out - Infinite House is out April 14th.