Check Out: Communions - "So Long Sun"

Listen to the Copenhagen band serve up some surrogate sunshine just in time for your long winter.

Communions hail from the same Copenhagen warehouse scene that spawned bands like Iceage and Lower - in fact, you might have heard their debut single "Cobblestones" via Posh Isolation's 2013 live compilation, Dokument #1 (it was one of the three songs I couldn't stop rewinding back to, along with Marching Church's "Living in Doubt" and Puce Mary's "Udan Titel"). Communions are particularly interesting, though, because they sound relatively little like any of those bands - there are moments in "Cobblestones" and in their lovely new single "So Long Sun" where there's a split second of crunchy guitar and you think, okay, here comes the scorched-earth desolation, but instead everything explodes into druggy sunshine, with jangly guitars and soaring, reverb-heavy vocals. "Stunning" is the word you are probably looking for! I live in the Pacific Northwest and I know "So Long Sun" will be my surrogate sun for the next few months. Check it out - if you dig, this is just the a-side of a 7" these guys are putting out for Tough Love in November, so stay tuned.