Check Out: Guerilla Toss - Smack the Brick Cassette

A surprise EP from everyone's favorite maximalist art-punk ensemble.
guerilla toss

Guerilla Toss are possibly the weirdest punk band in the world - composed of a few Boston-area former jazz students making extremely maximalist art-funk, it's the kind of thing that shouldn't work but absolutely does, with frontwoman Kassie Carlson using her best banshee wails and rapid rhythmic chatter as another instrument to compliment the, like, kitchen sink-full of instruments that are already in her band. To psych fans up for their upcoming debut European tour, they've released a surprise cassette EP called Smack the Brick, their first recorded material featuring their two new members. It's a fantastic listen - with every subsequent release, their music gets more and more instantly accessible but no less fucking nuts. If you only have time for one you should probably try "Be the Breeder." You can stream the whole EP now, or wait for it to get physical release starting November 18th via NNA Tapes.