Check Out: Mourn - "Silver Gold"

Take a listen to the eerie, emotional debut single from the young Spanish band.
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The Brooklyn label Captured Tracks are pretty good at keeping their fingers on the pulse of emotional punk from all over America - they've signed my two favorite emotional punk bands, Naomi Punk and Perfect Pussy - but they've cast their net even wider and signed a very young Spanish band called Mourn, born from the friendship of 18-year-old co-frontwomen Jazz Rodriguez Bueno and Carla Perez Vas. Their first single "Silver Gold" is the final track on the band's self-titled debut LP, out February 17th of 2015, and it sounds like a lost PJ Harvey track, complete with the girls' maniacal cackles and wails of "deliver me from heaven." It's a great listen - we can't wait to hear what else they have in store. Check it out below while you wait for the full LP.