Check Out: Allison Crutchfield - "You"

Listen to a song from the Swearin' frontwoman's new solo EP.
allison crutchfield

We're not sure what kind of cosmic alchemy the Crutchfield sisters inherited, but Katie, of Waxahatchee, and Allison, of Swearin', are two of the most gifted bedroom-pop songwriters we know of. The sensibility they share is showcased also on Allison's new solo EP of home-recorded tracks, Lean In To It, which she released on her Bandcamp this weekend; it includes this song, "You," which figures her one-of-a-kind vocals over a looped keyboard line (making me think of a tradition of solo artists performing in this style, like Olivia Neutron-John and Jane La Onda) as she reckons with her decaying relationship with a scene elder. It's a lovely, wistful track, perfect for the end of summer. Check it out below, or listen to the whole EP on Bandcamp.