Check Out: Baked - "Mick Jagger"

Check out a woozy six-minute epic from the newest signee to Brooklyn's Exploding in Sound records.
baked debt

If you're a rock music fan alive right now, chances are you're probably taking a little time out of every day to praise Brooklyn's Exploding in Sound records, who have blessed us all with records from Palehound, Speedy Ortiz, Porches., and more. Their latest signee is the excellently-named five-piece Baked, who are teasing their label debut Debt with a fantastic six-minute psych-pop epic called "Mick Jagger." Though the song's most recognizable lyrics are "I'm Mick fucking Jagger," that's where the Stones comparisons pretty much end - though we're hearing a little of the woozy, nostalgic neo-psychedelica of earlier Animal Collective, especially in the vocals and drums, Baked tap into a hearty, driving groove that's all their own. Check it out - you can grab Debt in a record store August 19th.