Empress Of's 11 "Colorminutes"

An interesting audiovisual experiment from a promising new artist.

Empress Of's airy and evanescent take on pop will certainly resonate with fans of Grimes and even Dirty Projectors, but the most interesting element of this Brooklynite's story is how she decided to present herself to the world: she uploaded 11 "colorminutes" onto a YouTube account scant of details.

Her "colorminutes," as the moniker suggests, are minute long vignettes of color and sound (save for #10, a relatively fleshed out shade of white). There isn't much to these songs, they're mostly composed of flurries of electronics over ethereal vocals. Distinction or variation come with color, hues unequivocally tied to Empress' mood.

This social media-age exhibition, while self-aware and attention-seeking, is nonetheless an interesting meditation on the aural and visual senses at their most basic. You can listen to all 11 videos below, our favorite is #2, or the cyan colored one. We suggest fullscreen mode and headphones.