Check Out: Evian Christ


Whoever the inscrutably named Evian Christ is (and we’re assuming not the second coming of artisan water), he or she joined YouTube about two weeks ago and, since then, has been steadily uploading minimalist artstep jams with even more minimalist cover art.

Sometimes it seems like your run-of-the-mill UK quasi-ambient artstep (you can probably imagine those skittering, echoing percussion elements before you even press play – with such a niche genre that emphasizes minimalism, it’s hard to set oneself apart instrumentally), and sometimes Evian Christ’s employment of out-of-the-blue samples (on “Thrown Like Jacks” Tyga spits the song’s title over a loop of an ambient Grouper intro) are, if not genius, at least compelling. “Thrown Like Jacks” is probably the highlight of his or her oeuvre so far, but we like “F*ck It None of Y’all Don’t Rap” too, and there’s plenty more material on YouTube to spelunk if you’re interested.

EVIAN CHRISTThrown Like Jacks.mp3

EVIAN CHRIST – F*ck It None Y'all Don't Rap