Check Out: Guerilla Toss - "367 Equalizer"

Listen to possibly the best track yet from the one-of-a-kind Boston art-punks.
guerilla toss

I fell in love with Boston's Guerilla Toss about four seconds into the first three-song set of theirs I caught at SXSW, when frontwoman Kassie Carlson started jumping around with the sweaty, shirtless bros in the front row, letting loose arrhythmic banshee wails to compliment her band's impossibly complex, maximalist instrumentals. Basically, Guerilla Toss make game-changing, weirdo art-funk dance-punk to get down to in the sweatiest basement imaginable, absolutely on a different level than any other band out there. If you don't believe me listen to their new song "367 Equalizer" and try to deny that bassline, I dare you. It's their deepest groove yet, and they just keep getting better. This one's from a cassette the inimitable Infinity Cat Recordings will release July 15th - keep an eye out.