Check Out: Murals - On A Passing Cloud

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Murals is a new band from Louisville, Kentucky who make gorgeous, tender, and sometimes very subtle-creepy psych-folk that will needle its way first into your heart and then into your brain. On “Eyes of Love,” the single from their new record On A Passing Cloud, they’ll reel you in with a tender guitar and piano line, vocal harmonies, and Simon & Garfunkel-esque erudite rhythms, and then they’ll drop a piano chord that just sounds wrong – not incorrect, just subtly out of place, a little too dark for the chill pop-folk atmosphere they’ve spent a little while cultivating. But then you get that strange, mesmerizing middle section, a sort of wild west-y interlude that turns into spiraling, convoluted drones before you can ask what’s going on – and then, as if it never happened, as if the cloud never blew over the sun, back to that sweet vocal harmony. Basically, we’re really impressed.  On A Passing Cloud is definitely worth a stream or two – check it out.

Murals: 2012 Tour Dates
July 16– Louisville - The Monkey Wrench
July 17 - Indianapolis, IN–Mediumship
July 18 - Bloomington, IN - The Bishop
July 19 - Muncie, IN - CenterStage
July 20 - Chicago, IL - Grandbar
July 21 - Chicago, IL - Sister Crystals’ Loft Space
July 22 - Grand Rapids, MI - The DAAC
July 23 - Ann Arbor, MI - TBD
July 24 – Detroit – Paychecks
July 25 – Detroit – Woodruff’s in Ypsilanti
July 26 - NYC–Cameo
July 27 – NYC - Pianos
July 28 - NYC - Delinquency BLVD
July 29 –NYC - Mercury Lounge
July 30 - Philadelphia - TBD
July 31 – Philadelphia – Snyder Haus
August 1 –Washington DC - The Velvet Lounge
August 2 – Pocahontas, WV - TBD
August 3 – Lexington, KY - TBD