Check Out: Naomi Punk - "Firehose Face"

Listen to another new one from the Olympia art-punks' upcoming Television Man.
naomi punk

Like I say whenever I write about songs by the Olympia, WA art-punk trio Naomi Punk, the best thing about living in the Northwest is seeing two volcanoes every day, and the second best thing is getting to see Naomi Punk all the time. I've heard most of the songs on their upcoming record Television Man in the live setting, and I can guarantee it'll destroy your brain - in preparation for the whole thing, you should probably listen to "Firehose Face," another frustrated and frustrating demon-summoning cut that's heavy with the seething, softly menacing vibe these guys should just trademark already. Check it out - you can pick up Television Man in a record store starting August 5th.