Check Out: Shamir, "I Know It's A Good Thing"

Listen to a romantic new one from the promising Las Vegas pop maestro.

We don't know much about the 19-year-old Las Vegas singer Shamir Bailey, probably because he's only released two tracks to date. But we can't help but be curious when they're both so good - check out single #2, "I Know It's A Good Thing," which figures Shamir's reedy, androgynous vocal high up in the mix over a minimalist, bare-bones house-pop backdrop guaranteed to get your body moving. It's loaded with devotional lyrics - "she wears my favorite color every day in her eyes" - but oozes a lovestruck, shimmering kind of romance everywhere. It's our second taste of a forthcoming EP called Northtown, out June 11 via Godmode: stay tuned, we can't wait to hear the rest.