Check Out: Spray Paint - "Cussin"

Hear a jittery, over caffeinated post-punk death trip from the Austin trio.
spray paint

I heard Spray Paint for the first time at SXSW, by accident, in an extremely divey bar, several hours after stupidly having several free tequila drinks at noon. It's probably the ideal atmosphere for the Austin band, who sound like a hungover Hunter S. Thompson bat-out-of-hell desert death trip fantasy; all nervous, red-eyed, no-wavey post-punk, like too much coffee that just makes you jitter. Their newest single "Cussin" opens with a guitar chord that sounds like a death knell and ends with a decidedly evil motorik groove, like driving into a cloud of smoke; all the while the band's dual frontmen George Dishner and Cory Plump shout an array of verbose non-sequitors beginning with "you sick fucks!" and that drum sound gets bigger and bigger until it implodes. Check it out - this one's from a three-song 7" out August 11 via Upset the Rhythm; they've also got a full-length LP, Clean Blood Regular Acid, out in September.