Check Out: The Streets' New Band, The D.O.T.


If you were at all concerned when Mike Skinner announced he was putting an end to the Streets last year, it turns out all your nail-biting was for naught – Skinner’s still making music, of course, this time as The D.O.T.

Skinner’s recruited Rob Harvey, formerly of The Music, with whom he collaborated on his last record as the Streets, Computers and Blues, to deliver his inimitable arena-rock vocal stylings over Skinner’s complex electro production. It’s as eclectic as the Streets – Skinner’s beats are, as always, incredible, unique, and multifaceted – but definitely something new. Check out upbeat, catchy-as-hell “Whatever it Takes” as a first taste and try not to groove.

The D.O.T. - "Whatever It Takes"