Check Out: Toro Y Moi - "Slough" (Ricky Gervais cover)


Ricky Gervais starred on the BBC's original mockumentary The Office - and appeared in several episodes of the American version, too - as David Brent, the across-the-pond version of Steve Carrell's lovably overbearing boss. Lately, Gervais has released guitar tutorial videos as Brent on YouTube, one of them including the original song "Slough," an ode to the town where The Office takes place. And here's where those of you who aren't Office fans might want to start paying attention: for some reason, Toro Y Moi's covered "Slough," and his version, despite / because of Gervais's pretty hilarious lyrics, is quite lovely -  a rumbling bassline underlies acoustic guitar noodling and plenty of very Toro-y weird sounds. Check it out.