REC'D: TRUST - "Bulbform"


TRUST is the project of Austra’s brilliantly bespectacled drummer Maya Postepski and her friend Robert Alfons; together, the Toronto duo make a kind of dark, seething synth-pop, all freezing-cold, heartbeat-driven, expansive electronic soundscapes anchored by Alfons’ idiosyncratic echoed vocals. We can’t get enough of “Bulbform,” a perfect piece of deliriously creepy, alien goth-pop that’s either rooted in droning, monastic humming or so totally loud we’re hallucinating – it comes with a video that pretty accurately echoes what it sounds like, an inscrutable technological nightmare.

Last year's “Candy Walls” is rad too – just as snowbound-sounding, with some truly awesome percussion work. The band’s debut LP, TRST, will drop February 28 on Arts & Crafts.

TRUST – "Bulbform"

TRUST – "Candy Walls"

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