Check Out: Twerps - "Work It Out"


We're going to venture the broad statement that Twerps' "Work it Out" doesn't sound like most songs called "Work it Out" - the jangly Melbourne quartet sound less like club music and more like the poppy post-punk churned out by the famed New Zealand label Flying Nun in the 1980s. Their "Work it Out" is the A-side on a 7" we can now say is basically flawless (a few weeks ago, we shared the fantastic b-side, "He's In Stock") which'll be released physically October 23; it's an perfectly, poppily moody breakup jam that would fit seamlessly on the soundtrack of any John Hughes film. That doesn't mean it's pure '80s nostalgia, though - that brilliant, wandering guitar sounds like something that might wind up in today's dark dream-pop. Check it out.