Check Out: Two Inch Punch - "Up In Your Mix"

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Sample-heavy and synth-friendly brands of electronica have been all the rage lately — in both these parts in the UK — thanks to a constant flow of tunes from acts like Star Slinger, Jamie xx, Gold Panda, and James Blake. And honestly, the list could go on and on. We have just been introduced to a new outfit based out of London called Two Inch Punch who dabbles in a variation of genres — including post-dubset , chillwave, and that Starfucker-like 8 bit production — all of which are present in their latest track, the aptly titled “Up In Your Mix.” 

The producers follow the popular UK aesthetic (maintained most candidly by James Blake) of incorporating a lot of r&b sampling, but their usage of fun, upbeat electronics really helps set them apart from other artists. Check out “Up In Your Mix” below, and be on the lookout for any new jams from these Londoners.

Two Inch Punch - "Up In Your Mix"