Check Out: Viet Cong, "Oxygen Feed"

Hear a song from a soon-to-be-rereleased tour cassette from one of our favorite new bands.
Viet Cong

After relentlessly stalking Calgary guitar weirdos Viet Cong at SXSW, I still haven't been able to turn off "Bunker Buster," the unfinished mix of a track purportedly from their debut studio album that they released in the middle of March. If you were as into that jam as me, you probably managed to track down some other tunes from the band, from the cassette EP they took on tour with them in 2013. If you didn't, or if you couldn't get all seven tracks, never fear - the band will re-release the EP through their new label Mexican Summer, and not just on cassette. You can hear a song from it now, "Oxygen Feed," which figures Matt Flegel's singular vocals over driving percussion and two tightly interwoven, dizzying guitar lines, ie. what these guys do best. Cross your fingers that we get a proper debut LP from Viet Cong this year too - it's rumored for autumn. Stay tuned.

Viet Cong, Cassette:

01 Throw It Away
02 Unconscious Melody
03 Oxygen Feed
04 Static Wall
05 Structureless Design
06 Dark Entries
07 Select Your Drone