Chelsea Wolfe Shares "Iron Moon"

chelsea wolfe abyss

Chelsea Wolfe has a knack for evocative titles. Her great 2013 album Pain is Beauty turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Her new album, Abyss, sounds like it might be one, too. Take, for example, the cavernous (and painful and beautiful) lead single, "Iron Moon". Listen and try not to imagine yourself falling down a bottomless chasm. Few artists with Wolfe's pop sensibility do the noise-is-darkness thing better, and she hasn't lost her touch.

Wolfe spoke with Rolling Stone about the song and provided some macabre context for its lyrics:

The music is co-written by our friend Karlos Ayala who wrote the song “Boyfriend” we covered a few years back. Lyrically, this song was inspired after reading the poetry of a Foxconn worker who took his own life – his frustration and desperation. There’s a blurry confusion throughout the lyrics on the album, as it sometimes is in dreams, like you’re new to the afterlife and things are slightly different, more hazy and fluid. I imagine the quiet parts of the song sung from a small, dorm-style room, and the loud parts as a scene out of a musical, where the worker sings and dances through the factory lines with total freedom and abandon. Such a great crew of musicians came together to bring these feelings and sounds to life.

Abyss is out August 7.

Chelsea Wolfe, Abyss Tracklist:

01 “Carrion Flowers”
02 “Iron Moon”
03 “Dragged Out”
04 “Maw”
05 “Grey Days”
06 “After the Fall”
07 “Crazy Love”
08 “Simple Death”
09 “Survive”
10 “Color of Blood”
11 “The Abyss”