Check Out: Cold Showers - "Violent Cries"


We still can't take Cold Showers' breakout single "BC" off repeat, but now that we've got another teased track from the band's forthcoming Love and Regret, we might be forced to. "Violent Cries" is another excellently chilly slice of rainy-day, grey-skied Manchesterian industrial pop, with clattering drums, gritty bass, soaring, cutting guitar riffs, and ghostly, film-noir vocals that recall mainstays like Joy Division as well as the krautrock-meets-nightmare pop of big 2012 names like DIIV. That shoving beat is intoxicating, and that chorus break, where the sun seems to come out for just a split second, is utterly sublime. Check it out; Love and Regret is out October 9.