Coldplay share Brian Eno collab "A L I E N S"

From their new EP
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On July 14, Coldplay will release a new EP called Kaleidoscope, a companion piece to their 2015 album, A Head Full of Dreams. The EP is pretty feature-heavy for a Coldplay project: Brian Eno, The Chainsmokers, and Big Sean all show up. Brian Eno, The Chainsmokers, and Big Sean on the same EP. Who else but Coldplay could pull that off?

Here’s “A L I E N S“, the track recorded with Brian Eno. In 2008, Coldplay and Eno collaborated on one of the band’s grandest efforts, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends.He later returned for Coldplay (rightfully) much-maligned Xylo Myloto a few years later. Let’s just say “A L I E N S” is a lot closer to Viva La Vida than Xylo

Listen below.

Kaleidoscope EP by Coldplay:
01 All I Can Think About Is You
02 Miracles (Someone Special) [ft. Big Sean]
03 A L I E N S
04 Something Just Like This [ft. the Chainsmokers] (Tokyo Remix)
05 Hypnotised