New: Coldplay & Rihanna - "Princess of China"


In a collaboration that makes just as much sense as it is surprising, Coldplay and Rihanna give us "Princess of China", presumably the next single from Coldplay's upcoming album, Mylo Xyloto, out October 24.

For the first time this year, I feel Coldplay are really onto something with this new track. You can hear legendary producer Brian Eno's fingerprints all over this — from the disjointed synth loops, the strategically implemented major keys in the refrain, and the wall of fuzzy strings, "Princess of China" is nothing if not very well put together. It might take you a couple listens to really get into it, but once you do, you won't think twice when you hit the play button immediately after the song finishes.

Coldplay & Rihanna - "Princess of China"

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