Check Out: Cult Exciter - "In the Wave"

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We're really excited about the Brooklyn-via-Dominican Republic duo Cult Exciter, friends since childhood whose move to New York for school spurred them to collaborate artistically. Take a listen to "In the Wave," a song tailor-made for late-night/early-morning wanderings through vacant cities and slow-mo nostalgia flashbacks to long-ago parties. Press play and you'll see what we're talking about - singer Zeli B's vocal floats, gorgeous and eerie, over clattering, fragmenting percussion, a wavering, dreamy horn line that doesn't sound entirely within this world, and distorted edits of itself; the end product sits on the edge between good dream and nightmare. If you dig Twigs' or Nicolas Jaar's brooding minimalism, Cult Exciteris the new band for you. Check it out.