New: Cults x Freddie Gibbs - "Bad Things" (Remix)


Add this one to the catalog of unlikely collaborations – after meeting at a music festival and performing alongside one another at many an industry showcase, New York nostalgia-pop duo Cults have tapped highly hyped Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs to collaborate on a few tracks for the upcoming rap mixtape version of the band's critically lauded self-titled debut.

Before you look for the flying pigs out your window, listen to the remix of Cults’ “Bad Things” that Freddie’s added his deft stylings to – it’s a little different than the original (Madeline Follin re-recorded her vocals to allow Freddie more seamless interludes, and of course the beat’s a little more chopped up), but just as enjoyable. We’re crossing out fingers the rest of the release is as good.

PS: Love him or hate him, Cults have reportedly also hit up Lil B for the 'tape.