Dam-Funk - "Beautiful Creep"


Known as the Ambassador of Boogie Funk, Dam-Funk has been producing tunes for over twenty years now, but only started to get noticed when Stones Throw signed him last year. After the compelling Toeachizown, this year's Adolescent Funk (recorded from 1988 – 1992) and his work in Master Blazter with producer Computer Jay, the seemingly lost genre of electro funk has risen from the ashes. Two days ago, Funk tweeted “Hello,” indicating that he was yet again releasing another unreleased track, this one entitled “Beautiful Creep.” It's another chilled out jam, reeking of 80s funk nostalgia with a dreamy synth resonance. Funk attached a note to the instrumental: “Just a lil' somethin' recorded in Ladrea Heights...my new resting place. Feel free 2 glyde to it. Peace & happy holidays.” Thanks Funk, just in time.