New: Damon Albarn - "The Marvelous Dream"

Damon Albarn

Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn is back with Blur now and has also found time to write an opera about an Elizabethan mathematician – we know you’d like to hear more on the Blur front, but you should definitely give some credence to Albarn’sDr. Dee too, which is truly not as boring as it may sound, if first (can we call it a single?) offering “The Marvelous Dream” is any indication. We love that simple, hypnotic guitar line, and Albarn’s vocals are, as usual, on point – which is why the song’s latter half, when he layers his voice into a choir effect, is the most powerful. The rest of the record (seventeen more tracks worth!) reportedly features early English instrumentation as well as Renaissance and West African musical inspiration, so stay tuned. You can hear it all May 8th.