Death Cab For Cutie - "Home Is A Fire"


If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. Thank goodness for Record Store Day! Another band to contribute to the growing frenzy on April 16th is Seattle's own indie kings Death Cab For Cutie, who will release first single “You Are A Tourist” alongside another album cut from their forthcoming Codes And Keys called “Home Is A Fire.”

The tune has a serious Postal Service feel to it, as mentioned by Some Kind Of Awesome, the first time Ben Gibbard has incorporated stylings from his infamous side project into his main band, and it sounds totally rad. The song is fast paced and quick tempered with riveting drum patterns while housing slow guitar melodies all at once. Gibbard sounds flawless, and a bit overly emotional as always. Codes and Keys is out May 31st via Atlantic.