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Death Cab For Cutie - "Underneath The Sycamore"

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Only a few weeks left till Seattle's renown indie rockers Death Cab For Cutie release their forthcoming LP, Codes And Keys, their seventh record in over 13 years. The band have been putting out jams left right and center, with “You Are A Tourist,”“Home Is A Fire,” and “Some Boys” their loyal fans the opportunity to get stoked for what so far seems like will be a pretty crowd-pleasing album.

They've now dropped yet another new track, a friendly guitar pop anthem called “Underneath The Sycamore.” Thanks to Ben Gibbard's indistinguishable vocals, and an upbeat catchy refrain: "We are the same, we are the same, underneath the sycamore", it might be the poppiest tune from Codes And Keys yet. Check it out, and grab Codes And Keys when it comes out on May 31st via Atlantic.

Death Cab for Cutie - "Underneath The Sycamore"