Death Cab Readying New EP



As a big fan of Narrow Stairs, I can't wait to hear four more songs that Gibbard and friends cooked up in the recording process. From Nick Harmer, a description:

"When we finished Narrow Stairs, there were four extra songs that, because we were trying to put together an album, we ended up not including them — it's not like they're castoffs or anything; they're part of the Narrow Stairs experience ... They needed to have a proper home, and the EP is it. There's going to be four songs on it, plus the original version of 'Talking Bird' that features Ben singing and playing the ukulele. It'll be out this year, I think. And then, you know, back to the grind again."

While the "Talking Bird" altered version doesn't interest me too much, the rest does. I'm pretty pumped, and glad that a band like Death cab has found a way to keep their songs fresh for so long. (Thanks to Stereogum)