Death Grips remix Björk "Thunderbolt" & "Sacrifice"


Unexpected collaboration of the day: Death Grips are one of a handful of artists to take on a remix project for Bjork. The trio’s remixing two tracks from her record Biophilia, “Sacrifice” and “Thunderbolt.” We’re partial to the “Thunderbolt” mix – you won’t catch any blistering vocals from Stefan Burnett, but the production (by Death Grips’ beatmaking team Zach Hill and Andy Morin) is creepily incredible: Bjork’s otherwordly, incantation-like vocals get isolated over stunningly bizarre, hypnotic instrumentals, with the same kind of clattering percussion and droning bass you might recognize from The Money Store. Check it out.

Note: We featured these a couple months ago but were quickly removed for reasons beyond us. They were officially reuploaded to Soundcloud over the weekend.