The ILYs True Love.jpg

Earlier today, Death Grips released a new album out of nowhere called I've Always Been Good at True Love. The album doesn’t appear to be a new Death Grips album, though. At least not really. It’s credited to a mysterious band called The I.L.Y.’s. A quick Google search tells us that, before today, no one had ever heard of the I.L.Y.’s. Death Grips conspiracy theorists speculate that the I.L.Y.’s are a Death Grips off-shoot, specifically fronted by drummer Zach Hill. 

Of course, we don’t expect any clarification from the band. 

I’ve Always Been Good at True Love is the third Death Grips-affiliated album to be released in the first six months of 2015, following the instrumental album Fashion Week, and the excellent Jenny Death, which has been marketed as their final album.

You can download the album via Death Grips’ tweet below:

Or, you can stream the album:

(Cover photo: Ted Maider / Consequence of Sound)