Deerhunter - "Helicopter"


The first single from Deerhunter’s upcoming fourth full-length record Halcyon Digest (to be released this coming Tuesday!) sounds like a Deerhunter song. “Helicopter” has that smooth college-radio fuzz – from a distant transmitter in an old brick building, maybe – that makes the band’s best songs (“Hazel Street,” anyone?) so hazy, ambient, and ultimately memorable. It’s also got some fantastic elements that seem new for the band: a funky, underwater-sounding drum machine provides the song’s backbone, harpsichord and bells build on a sweet guitar tone, and, most strikingly, Bradford Cox’s vocal performance is stunning – there’s no chillwave ambivalence from this guy. His voice is sweet, sexy, and pure, cutting through his band’s blissful haze. When he sings “Now they’re through with me,” it’s impossible to believe him – if the rest of Halcyon Digest is as good as “Helicopter,” it’ll be impossible to be through with this band. Hear "Helicopter" below: