Deerhunter - "Nosebleed"

Deerhunter Memory Boy

Bradford Cox's main project Deerhunter had a very formidable outing with last year's Halcyon Digest, which was ranked highly on our top 50 albums of the year, as well as pretty much any other music publication worth mentioning. The band, in lieu of Record Store Day (this Saturday!), are releasing album cut “Memory Boy” as a 7” single along with previously unheard b-side “Nosebleed.”

The new tune is more rapid and immediate than any of the songs on Halcyon, with a more indie/garage rock vibe, unlike the ethereal jangling single it's attached to. As Boy Attractions points out, it's got quite the Jay Reatard feel to it, and as well all know Deerhunter's “He Would Have Laughed” is a tribute to the late musician, so it may very well have been intentional.

Here is "Nosebleed"'s A-Side, "Memory Boy":