Deerhunter & Sleigh Bells Cover Pylon


DFA has just released a new 7” single called Cover + Remix which includes reinterpretations of the 1980s underground punk rockers Pylon. On the A-side, the Bradford Cox-lead Deerhunter cover “Cool” from Pylon's debut album Gyrate, backed with two remixes of “Yo-Yo” from music critic turned producer (or maybe it's the other way around? Whatever.) Sasha Frere-Jones a.k.a. Calvinist. "Yo-Yo" is fronted with vocals from Sleigh Bells' own Alexis Krauss, her avid punk demeanor and nonchalant delivery a perfect fit with Pylon's edgy tunes. Check them all out in the player below.

Deerhunter - "Cool"

Sleigh Bells' Alexis Krauss & Calvinist - "Yo-Yo"