Department of Eagles - "Brightest Minds"


It’s no surprise that indie's favorite two-timer, Daniel Rossen brought in some Grizzly Bear on the upcoming collection of songs from Department of Eagles.

“Brightest Minds” comes from the archive dating between 2003 and 2006, and it sounds like a combination of the second half to Yellow House’s “On a Neck, On a Spit” with the lyrical implications found in Veckatimest’s “While You Wait for the Others.” However, The Department of Eagles duo allows for a little bit more freedom than Grizzly Bear on this track, giving the song a much more energetic, lively, and contagious feel.

The mms and ohs sound more celebratory than pensive, and the vocals sound more elated than critical. “Brightest Minds” is definitely going to be a highlight on the archive and is a good reason to pick up the entire set on July 20th. Listen to "Brightest Minds" below: