Dirty Projectors & Slasher Flicks’ Angel Deradoorian Announces Solo LP, The Expanding Flower Planet

Listen to the first single, “A Beautiful Woman”
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Angel Deradoorian

(Tyler William Parker)

After lending her talents to the Dirty Projectors and Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, and to Flying Lotus’ You’re Dead!Angel Deradoorian is preparing to release her solo debut, The Expanding Flower Planet. She’s releasing the album under her surname and it comes out August 21 on Anticon. 

Deradoorian has also shared the album’s first single, “A Beautiful Woman”. Listen to that below:

Deradoorian, The Expanding Flower Planet:

01 A Beautiful Woman
02 Expanding Flower Planet
03 Violet Minded
04 Komodo
05 Your Creator
06 The Invisible Man
07 DarkLord
08 Ouneya
09 The Eye
10 Grow

The Expanding Flower Planet Artwork:

Deradoorian Expanding Flower Planet