Did You Catch Conan's Final (Fantastic) "Late Night"?



If you missed it, the highlights are all worth a watch- Will Ferrel's appearance, Andy Richter's triumphant return, classic "Late Show" moments, O'Brien's heartfelt thank yous and The White Stripes' strange, debated performance.

I say the performance was strange because Jack and Meg played a stripped-down, changed-up version of "We're  Going To Be Friends," and I thought it sounded awful. Now I'm a huge Stripes fan, and I understand that part of their charm is Meg's lacking musical ability and Jack's unpredictability. But that's no excuse for the song sounding lousy. At times it was haunting in a good way, yes, mostly due to Jack's obvious emotion and the connection he has with O'Brien. But for the most part, it was haunting in the bad sense of the word.

I figured the world would agree about this, but apparently not: Stripes fans are defending Jack and Meg on Stereogum's message board, calling it a great performance. Watch and judge for yourself, letting the world know what YOU think in the comments. Then click here for more highlights from last night's show. I recommend Ferrel's hysterical cameo.