New DIIV (formerly Dive): "Doused"


We’re okay with the fact that the Beach Fossils offshoot formerly known as Dive are going by DIIV now – it’s pronounced the same, it’s way easier to Google, and it’s no longer easy to confuse them with the seminal Belgian post-punk band also called Dive. We’re also totally okay with this news because along with it DIIV dropped probably the best song we’ve heard from them so far, the chilly, dark “Doused.”

DIIV get a lot of flack for the atmospheric monotony it’s all too easy for dream pop bands to fall into, but the subtle repetitiveness of that motorik drum-and-bass groove and those spiraling, interwoven guitar riffs is totally hypnotic. Frontman Cole Smith has a fantastic way of sounding quietly wounded when his voice follows that guitar line. DIIV’s debut Oshin still has the same title, label (Captured Tracks), and release date, June 26th.

DIIV – "Doused"