Dirty Projectors' new album out next month, listen to "Up in Hudson"

The band announces a self-titled album
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After two new singles, the Dirty Projectors have finally announced their new album, a self-titled album. The album will be out February 24. Domino will handle the release. It is the first album from the Dirty Projectors since 2012's Swing Lo Magellan

Listen to a third track from the album, the Kanye and Tupac name-checking “Up in Hudson”, below. (“Now I’m listening to Kanye on the Taconic Parkway ridin' fast / And you're out in Echo Park blasting Tupac, drinking a fifth for my ass.”)

Also find the album artwork and tracklist below, which features the previously heard “Keep Your Name” and “Little Bubble”

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Dirty Projectors:

01 Keep Your Name
02 Death Spiral
03 Up in Hudson
04 Work Together
05 Little Bubble
06 Winner Take Nothing
07 Ascent Through Clouds
08 Cool Your Heart
09 I See You