Disclosure's "Holding On" Remixed by Julio Bashmore

Also, Caracal will feature Lorde and Sam Smith
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Disclosure’s new single, “Holding On”, featuring jazz vocalist Gregory Porter, has been "evelated"/remixed by UK house producer Julio Bashmore.

“Holding On” is the first single from Disclosure’s upcoming album, Caracal, the follow-up to their excellent 2013 debut, Settle. Speaking on the new album with Rolling Stone, the Lawrence brothers shared that the album will feature vocals from Lorde and Sam Smith and that “it’s all very club-influenced, because of the beats, but every song is like 'Latch' or 'White Noise' — a fully structured pop song.” All that sounds very good to us! Caracal is out September 25. 

Listen to the remix below:

Bashmore has his debut album, Knockin’ Boots, out this week. Listen to the title track: